Welcome to Stonehaven. Originally developed in the 1950s and 60s, our neighborhood was the epitome of suburban Charlotte ­– designed for the comfort of families with classic brick ranch homes, split-levels and the occasional two-story along winding, tree-lined streets.

Today, we’re considered close in, an easy commute to Uptown and within 5 minutes of Cotswold Shopping Center and 10 minutes of SouthPark Mall. Our mature trees, well-manicured lawns and carefully tended homes make Stonehaven one of the most pleasing neighborhoods in the city. But what delights our residents even more is our sense of community.

Here, people wave, dog walkers stop to chat, we bring casseroles to our neighbors and we watch out for each other. For more than 25 years, we’ve turn out for an old-fashioned 4th of July parade – complete with fire truck!  Flash Friday events give everyone a chance to socialize. Plus, our Stonehaven Fall Festival brings everyone together for our Rollin’ 5K Run/Bike/Walk/Fun Run along with other activities from bake sales for our schools to food drives for local charities.

We’re proud of our schools, and our kids can actually walk or bike to them. We jog and cycle McAlpine Greenway and hike and play at Boyce Road Park, both of which adjoin our neighborhood. Our two swim and racquet clubs, Rama and Sardis, are vibrant, and neighbors of all ages interact and thrive here.

With mutual respect for our neighbors, we don’t have a traditional HOA, but we do support a voluntary Stonehaven Community Association that updates neighbors with information relevant to our neighborhood and area.

Whether you’re already our neighbor or considering a move here, we genuinely mean it when we say Welcome To Our Community.

To keep up with what’s happening in Stonehaven, please be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter and our Facebook page to receive general information and community watch updates.


Community Association

Stonehaven does not have an HOA or even elected officers. Instead, we are merely a group of interested residents who want to keep Stonehaven attractive and engaging and who want to keep everyone informed about issues that could affect our quality of life or impact our property values. We meet occasionally, but we primarily use e-newsletters and our Facebook page to keep people informed about topics of interest. We welcome those in contiguous neighborhoods to join in our social activities and to subscribe to our e-newsletters and Facebook page to keep up with shared concerns and interests.

There’s no need to “join” anything since we’re neighbors, not “members.” If Stonehaven is listed on your property deed, we simply hope you’ll want to make a voluntary “Stonehaven Pride” annual contribution of $20 per household, which will go toward various needs such as upkeep of our entryways; events like Flash Friday; and communications including flyers, meeting signs and this website. Contributions and sponsorships, such as advertising on this site, have also paid for our neighborhood signage, and they help fund events like our Rollin’ 5K.

To make your voluntary $20 contribution and support the Stonehaven Community Association, please use the button below.

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Community Watch

Stonehaven neighbors and our friends from contiguous neighborhoods are great about keeping an eye out for one another, and we maintain good communication with our CMPD community police officers. If you sign up by clicking the button below, you’ll receive Community Watch e-newsletters that we send as needed to discuss any safety concerns.

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